Sunday, June 24, 2012

A month later

Today marks one month since we finished our walk in John o'Groats and started heading home. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post this. I know people have been waiting to hear how our trip back was and how re-entry into "normal" life is going.

Our trip home took a few days. From Wick we headed back to Inverness by train and covered 10 days of walking in a few hours. In Inverness we stocked up on Marks and Spencer goodies to take home and had lunch at the awesome Leakey's bookstore.

The flights home were cramped but uneventful. We were a bit worried about how stiff we'd get sitting for so long on the plane from London to Las Vegas, but the girl sitting by the window got up pretty regularly. It was perfect for keeping us moving.

The first week home was the strangest. I really noticed how green Oregon is. It was weird not having the routine we had perfected for unpacking and packing our gear. It was a bit disconcerting how easy it was to slip back into life in Corvallis. At times it seemed like I had never left, since everything was just as it always was. I'm glad we kept the blog! It's proof of what we did. In fact, my current project is to turn the blog into a book so we can have all these wonderful photos and memories handy.

I miss the simplicity of life when walking to the next village is all we had to worry about. And I miss England and Scotland. The people, the towns and villages, the food, the game shows, the countryside, the sheep. It was all just so wonderful! Now that it's over, I appreciate how amazing it was that everything went, more or less, as we had planned and we actually WALKED from Lands End to John o'Groats!

So thank you all for reading along with our journey. It was so encouraging to have those comments to read every night and know our friends, new and old, we're there with us.

PS. Al promises to write a final post in the next few days.

PPS. For those who are wondering, my eye seems to be recovered. I've been to my family doctor and my optometrist, but have to wait until August to see the ophthamologist. Everything looks fine right now, but I will be investigating further with the specialist.

Location:Corvallis, Oregon